I am a Senior Localization Engineer (Bachelor of Electrical Engineering) with extensive experience working with a wide variety of projects in all major European and Asian languages. I have almost two decades of proficience in many localization tools and processes. Excellent technical management, teamwork and leadership skills.

It is exciting to look at the limited technology available in the past and compare with the endless variety of mature solutions of every single need nowadays.

.:: Front Campain
My maxim is "Think outside the box". Even if the CAT tools can provide us with the many effective options for any localization need, the challenge of produce clean, exquisite, flawless outsource elements is yet instigating.

.:: Team Work
The engineering is only a small part of the complex localization process. In this way, it is mandatory to be perfectly aligned with the other members of the team. Good communication, procedures well documented, responsibilities well defined, schedule drawn are pre-requisite for a smooth team work and consequently a solid workflow.

.:: Technological Strategy
The senior engineer lead the thechnological company strategy to:
- Define and implement translation processes and strategies;
- Oversee process automation, infrastructure enhancement and tools development;
- Lead in technological and tools advancement;
- Make recommendations for process and workflow improvements.

.:: Quality Assurance
I have developed, in the last years, strategies to implement QA system in the process.

In this strategy I also include customized procedures to test localization bugs, execute solutions and reassign archives.
Asian languages have specific issues that required special attention in the localiation process. In this way, the QA strategy needs to be defined in the very beginning of the project, as the search for the weak points in the workflow.